Final Crisis (2008-2008) 01-07 (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Worlds will live and heroes will die in this epic tale spanning the beginning and end of the DC Universe! The entire Multiverse is threatened as the mysterious Libra assembles an army of the DCU’s most terrifying super villains. But what is the ultimate plan, and who will live to find out? See Earth’s superheroes mourn one of their oldest allies! But with one death comes the spectacular return of one of the DCU’s greatest heroes! The End of Days has come, as the shock troops of Apokolips lay waste to the planet Earth and hunt down its protectors and the war between good and evil will at last be decided on the battlefield of a broken world. The ultimate finale will conclude with an apocalyptic battle for the soul of humanity that must be seen to be believed. Can the heroes of Earth save the multiverse? And is the only way to save it, to change it forever?

Final Crisis 001 (2008) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Final Crisis 002 (2008) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Final Crisis 003 (2008) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Final Crisis 004 (2008) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Final Crisis 005 (2008) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Final Crisis 006 (2009) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

Final Crisis 007 (2009) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)


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